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The Greatest Gift You Can Offer Yourself

Life in its Essence is Pure, Innocent and Complete.

Meditation allows You to Live It.

It is very Simple, Accessible and Yours.

Meet Sundaram

Everyone's life is ruled by their mind. When we don't know the difference between Us and the mind, we miss out on the natural ability to be free from the dictates of the mind.

Meditation is that key technique of connecting to our true Self,

which enables one to be effortlessly joyful and at peace. 

That is why, after 10 years of a thorough practice in the Himalayas, Sundaram decided to share the gift of an easy and natural Meditation, which benefits every aspect of human life.

Whether you pursue a carrier, relationship or want to unfold

the ultimate vision of Oneness it is essential to know Yourself truly,

as the Ever-Present Presence - free and complete.

Only then you can use the greatest power there is

- the power of not reacting.

Otherwise, the doubtful mind can ruin one's every endeavor. 

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1 on 1 sessions

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at your convenience

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Group Classes

Small groups,

regular practice

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Thorough exploration of essential aspects of the practice

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